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Slauson Malone 1‘s “Divider” Download MP3 Leak

, the musical maverick formerly known as Slauson Malone, is back with a sonic treat that's making waves.

His latest offering, “Divider,” is a tantalizing glimpse into his upcoming album, ‘EXCELSIOR,' set to drop on October 6. This announcement has sent ripples of excitement through the music world, and for good .

Jasper Marsalis, the genius behind the moniker, has been a key figure in the underground music scene. His journey through experimental jazz and hip-hop with groups like Standing on the Corner and collaborations with artists like has solidified his reputation as a true musical innovator. Now, with his Warp Records debut, ‘EXCELSIOR,' Marsalis is poised to take his artistry to new heights.

“Divider” isn't just a song; it's a dreamy expedition into the realm of musical bliss. Its hypnotic melodies and ethereal soundscapes beckon listeners into a state of sublime surrender. The accompanying visuals, directed by Malone and Parker Corey, are a kaleidoscope of intriguing imagery, adding another layer to the overall experience.

As we eagerly await the full album release, “Divider” serves as a tantalizing appetizer, promising a musical journey like no other. 's ability to craft sonic landscapes that push boundaries and challenge norms makes ‘EXCELSIOR' an album to watch out for. With each note, he invites us to explore the uncharted territories of sound, and we're more than ready to embark on this thrilling musical adventure.

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