Samantha Urbani ft. Rexy – Time Keeps Slipping


Samantha Urbani, Showing Up Album Download Leak MP3 ZIP Files

Samantha Urbani feat. Rexy, Time Keeps Slipping Download MP3

, the former leader of Friends and collaborator with Blood Orange, is set to release her first solo full-length album called “Showing Up” on Friday.

We have already shared some of her early singles such as “More Than A Feeling,” “One Day At A Time,” and the title track. In anticipation of the album's release,  Urbani has shared one more track with us. It's a collaboration with the obscure London-based duo , whose music Urbani helped revive.

only released one album in 1981 called “Running Out Of Time” before disappearing into obscurity. However, in 2016, Urbani founded her own URU label specifically to reissue “Running Out Of Time.” She also covered 's song “Alien.” Now, Rexy has collaborated with Urbani on her new song “Time Keeps Slipping.” It's a funky, clubby new wave jam that has nothing to do with the Steve Miller Band, and “More Than A Feeling” has nothing to do with Boston.

Samantha Urbani is an American singer, songwriter, visual artist, filmmaker, and producer from Mystic, Connecticut. She was the lead vocalist for the band Friends, which disbanded after releasing their debut album Manifest! on Fat Possum Records.

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