Mclusky – fan learning difficulty


Mclusky, fan learning difficulty Download MP3

Mclusky, fan learning difficulty Download MP3

, Welsh cult post-hardcore band, released its first new music in nearly 20 years with four new to stream.

Welsh post-hardcore band is returning almost two decades after their last studio album, ‘The Difference Between Me and You Is That I'm Not on Fire.' They have recently shared four new : a double A-side single ‘Unpopular Parts of a Pig/The Digger You Deep‘ and B-sides ‘Fan Learning Difficulties' and ‘That Was My Brain on Elves.'

The band's classic sound is evident in these new releases, characterized by fast-paced guitar riffs and the distinct vocal sneer of Andrew Falkous. The tracks ‘Unpopular Parts of a Pig,' ‘The Digger You Deep,' and ‘Fan Learning Difficulties' are all headbang-worthy, mosh pit-starting rippers. However, ‘That Was My Brain on Elves' is a stripped-down tune with gentle vocal harmonies and spare, plucked guitars, providing an unexpected change of pace.

According to notes on the single's Bandcamp page, has more new music on the way, with the first half of their fourth studio album already completed. The band has stated that they only need to write and record the second half, which they believe will be easy.

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unpopular parts of a pig / the digger you deep by mclusky

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