LANY – Out of My League


LANY‘s “a beautiful blur” Album Download Leak ZIP MP3 Files

LANY‘s “Out of My League” Download MP3 Leak

, the indie pop-rock sensation hailing from Los Angeles, is back in the spotlight with their upcoming album, “a beautiful blur.”

While they recently performed their hit single “XXL” on the TODAY show, their music has always been a heartfelt journey through love and relationships. Since their breakout hit “ILYSB” in 2017, they've consistently struck a chord with listeners by blending anthemic melodies, poetic lyrics, and relatable themes.

In a refreshing twist, “a beautiful blur” marks their first independent release, having completed their contract with Universal's Interscope Records. This new chapter also follows the departure of keyboardist Les Priest, who pursued a solo career. In an interview with HYPEBEAST, band members Paul Jason Klein and Jake Goss shed light on their journey as a duo and their decision to go independent.

Going independent has empowered them to make quick, creative decisions without the bureaucracy of a major label. The result is an album that reflects their personal experiences and an unfiltered approach to their art. Klein and Goss embrace the endless nuances of love and relationships, vowing to continue exploring these universal themes, making each song a unique and heartfelt expression.

LANY‘s ability to connect deeply with their audience lies in their open hearts and their commitment to uncovering the infinite angles of life and love. “a beautiful blur” promises to be another heartfelt chapter in their musical journey, an exploration of the endless possibilities within the human experience. So, get ready to immerse yourself in 's world once again, where love remains an enduring muse.

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