LANY – It Even Rains in LA


LANY‘s “a beautiful blur” Album Download Leak ZIP MP3 Files

LANY‘s “It Even Rains in LA” Download MP3 Leak

, the indie pop-rock sensation hailing from Los Angeles, is back in the spotlight with their latest song, “It Even Rains in LA,” a teaser from their upcoming album, ‘a beautiful blur.'

The brand is known for its emotional tunes and heartwrenching lyrics, the band has built a loyal following since their formation in Nashville in 2014.

In a recent interview with HYPEBEAST, 's Paul Jason Klein and Jake Clifford Goss opened up about their journey as a two-man band after keyboardist Les Priest's departure and their newfound independence. Going solo allowed them to make quick, creative decisions and maintain control over their music's direction.

But what really sets apart is their ability to keep churning out fresh love that resonate with listeners. Klein and Goss explained that love is a bottomless well of inspiration, with each relationship offering a unique perspective. They're not just singing about love; they're exploring its nuances, making every song a heartfelt journey.

So, as we eagerly await ‘a beautiful blur,' one thing's for sure – LANY's music, like love itself, remains an endless source of emotion and connection. And with their newfound creative freedom, there's no telling how deep they'll delve into matters of the heart in their upcoming album. Get ready for more anthems that speak to your soul from this dynamic duo.

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