Kanye West & Dr. Dre ft. Pusha T – Blood Of The Lamb


Kanye West & Dr. Dre‘s “Jesus is King 2” Feat. Travis Scott, Eminem, Pusha T, More Album Download Leak MP3 ZIP Files

Kanye West & Dr. Dre “Blood Of The Lamb” feat. Pusha T Download MP3 Leak

The music industry is abuzz with excitement as and 's unreleased song, rumored to be titled “Blood Of The Lamb,” has been leaked from their upcoming album, “Jesus Is King 2.” Following West's Grammy-winning gospel album, this collaboration promises to revolutionize the world of hip-hop and gospel fusion.

Jesus Is King 2” boasts a star-studded lineup of guest artists, including Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Travis Scott, , 2 Chainz, , , and , making it a highly anticipated musical masterpiece. This leak includes Dre's remixes of tracks from the original album and unveils new verses from himself, adding a fresh layer of creativity to the project.

Kanye's departure from his record label and publishing deal has left fans speculating about his future projects. However, one thing is certain: the leak of “Blood Of The Lamb” from “Jesus Is King 2” has ignited the curiosity of fans and music enthusiasts alike, eager to witness the magic that unfolds when two musical legends join forces. Stay tuned for what promises to be a transformative musical journey, as and Dre prepare to drop their highly anticipated sequel to “Jesus Is King.

Listen to & “Blood Of The Lamb” MP3 & Download it Below:


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