Jane Remover – Census Designated


Jane Remover, Census Designated Download MP3

Jane Remover, Census Designated Download MP3

recently announced her sophomore album “Census Designated” along with the lead single “Lips.”

Today, she has released the album's second single, which is also the title track. The song features slippery vocals, introspective lyrics, and Jane's characteristically fuzzy-loud dynamics.

The track is over six minutes long. has also released her first official music video for the song, which was directed by Quadeca and filmed during her North America cross-country trip that inspired the album.

Jane Remover, previously known as Dltzk, is an American musician born on September 26, 2003. She gained recognition for her debut studio album, Frailty, released in 2021. Additionally, she is credited with pioneering the “dariacore” microgenre on SoundCloud with her album of the same name, released under the name Leroy. also performs under the moniker C0ncernn.


  • Sick of religion, throwing elbows at the Marriott
  • You'rе at your buddy's house and you can find me back at the pad
  • Stain on your top's gotta bе older than a week by now
  • I know your mission, paying extra for a carry-on
  • You'll try to buy me out, you told me this was all that I had
  • High in the lobby, looking crazy at the juice on her gown

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