Iggy Azalea – Money Come


Iggy Azalea, Money Come Download MP3 Leak

Iggy Azalea, “Money Come” Download MP3 Leak

announces releasing the highly-anticipated single “Money Come” on the 25th, featuring the cover art of her holding a silver gun as bills rain down around her.

This month, has been a heavily trending topic on social media due to her support letter to a judge for . Despite bashing how it was made public, she defended herself online amid backlash. Iggy also announced her new single, “Money Come,” set to be on 25ugust 25, with the cover art featuring her holding a gun and shooting $100 bills.

In a promotional image from her single, Iggy rides a male music executive down a hallway while throwing hundred-dollar bills into the air. Her song and upcoming music video may reference her decision to join OnlyFans and take control of her career by monetizing her body instead of letting record labels and companies commodify it. Although Iggy has not revealed her earnings, it is believed to be in the millions, as she charges $25 for an entry-level subscription to her page and additional fees for racier content.

Amethyst Amelia Kelly, professionally known as Iggy Azalea, is an Australian rapper, songwriter, and model. She moved to the United States at 16 to pursue a music career. Azalea gained public recognition after releasing music videos for “Pussy” and “Two Times” on YouTube.

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