V V Brown – Am I British Yet? (Album)


V V Brown‘s “Am I British Yet?” Album Download Leak MP3 ZIP Files

V V Brown's “Am I British Yet?” Album Download Leak MP3 ZIP Files

English singer-songwriter Brown is set to release her fourth studio , Am I British Yet?, on 27 October 2023 after an eight-year hiatus.

The is a striking social commentary exploring themes of cultural fusion and what it means to be black in modern Britain.

In a self-written article for The Guardian, Brown tackled the issue of a white-dominated music industry and her experiences as a black female artist. She encouraged fellow black female musicians to go independent, emphasizing the radical power in the role of the provocateur.

After releasing her third studio , Glitch, in 2015, Brown took a break from the industry, citing a problematic mental health journey, relocation to the countryside, family life, and liberation from industry pressures as the main reasons.

The lead single from Am I British Yet?, “Black British,” was released in March 2023, marking her first musical output in six years. Brown wrote the song in only 25 minutes, exploring what it means to be black in modern Britain. The second single, “Twisted,” was released on 9 June 2023 and discusses cultural appropriation.

In an interview with James O'Brien, Brown revealed that Am I British Yet? would also be the title of an upcoming book, describing it as “a real generational collection of black Britishness.”

Am I British Yet? Features a multitude of influences, from rap to jazz, reggae, and neo-soul. Brown incorporates spoken words and poetry readings set to music, building a sense of community that speaks to the shared experience of Blackness that's innate to the record.

The is a collaborative project at its core and is curated specifically for its role in the broader project and sequenced to serve the narrative. Brown places no focus on radio-friendly chart fodder, as each song is designed to contribute to the themes of cultural fusion and social commentary.


  1. Break Of The Night
  2. Marginalised
  3. I Will Always Be Black (feat. Derome)
  4. Black British
  5. Let Us Remember (feat. Veronica E Banks)
  6. Philosophy
  7. Am I British Yet? (feat. Liam Bailey)
  8. No Fear (feat. Liam Bailey)
  9. Generations (feat. Amaroun)
  10. Twisted
  11. Go Back (feat. Myrle E Roach)
  12. Feel So Alive
  13. Jamaica (feat. Ron Frater)
  14. History
  15. Inhale
  16. Swallowing My Pride
  17. Mission
  18. Be It


Vanessa Brown, known professionally as VV Brown, is a British indie pop singer-songwriter, model, and record producer. Born in Northampton, England, she is the eldest of six siblings. Her mother is Jamaican, and her father is Puerto Rican. She attended Overstone Park School and then Kingsthorpe Community College, where she achieved four A-grades in her A-levels and received offers to study law at five universities, including Oxford. She declined the offer to pursue a music career.

Brown studied violin until nine but focused on piano, vocals, and trumpet afterward. She completed her grade 8 trumpet examination at age 16 and played in jazz bands until age 21. Her childhood musical idols were jazz artists like Ella Fitzgerald and Gillespie. She is also a lifelong hip-hop fan and was nicknamed “VV” by her peers as an MC at her middle school.