The National – Laugh Track (Album)


The National, Laugh Track Album Download Leak MP3 ZIP Files

The National, Laugh Track Album Download Leak MP3 ZIP Files

performed at their second Homecoming festival in Cincinnati, five years after their first event. Their new features guest appearances by Bon Iver, Phoebe Bridgers, and Rosanne Cash.

The festival featured an impressive lineup of artists, including Patti Smith, Pavement, Walkmen, Bartees Strange and Snail Mail. headlined both nights, playing their High Violet and Trouble Will Find Me albums in full. This was a significant event in their 2023 lineup, which included selling out Madison Square Garden and releasing their first in four years.

During the festival, they announced the release of another new National , , which had been teased with live performances of new songs and the unveiling of two singles, “Alphabet City” and “Space Invader.” A month prior to the festival, a leaked tracklist and cover art had confirmed the 's existence. Fans were also able to purchase white label records of at the festival.

During the First Two Pages rollout, the band had expressed how the had revitalized them and brought them back from the brink of collapse. They had talked about the possibility of making it a double , but it was unclear if there was enough material. However, they proved that the whole story hadn't been told yet by releasing Laugh Track, their second album in just five months.

The National is a rock band hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio, that was formed in Brooklyn, New York City back in 1999. The band's lineup comprises of Matt Berninger, twin brothers Aaron Dessner and Bryce Dessner, and brothers Scott Devendorf and Bryan Devendorf.