Taleban Dooda – Taleban Vs. Dooda (Album)


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Emerging from the heart of East Tampa, has rapidly carved out a unique space for himself in the music industry. The 19-year-old rapper is transforming the world of southern hip-hop with his exceptional vocal range, compelling storytelling, and fresh style, all of which shine brightly in his debut , ‘Taleban Vs. Dooda'.

Born and raised in the violence-laden streets of East Tampa, Dooda has always had a knack for music. Presented in a family of singers and rappers, he found his calling after a knee injury ended his football dreams in his ninth-grade year. Before crafting his original compositions, he began covering songs from artists like Bruno Mars, John Legend, and .

His high-pitched vocals and the limitless subject matter set him apart from his peers in the lane of melodic street rap, akin to , , and Teejay3k. With the vivid lyrics of and the smooth tone of , Dooda's sound is a harmonious blend of the streets and the charts.

Dooda's journey to his debut was marked by consistent hard work and unwavering dedication. Early collaborations with his close friend and frequent collaborator Rees Money led to breakout hits like ‘Friends & Lovers‘ which amassed over 2 million streams. His debut solo single ‘Tru Colors‘ was equally successful, catching the attention of multiple labels and leading to a deal with Rostrum Records.

Despite his challenges growing up in East Tampa, Dooda used his experiences as motivation. The loss of two close friends and a gun charge arrest while still a minor served as potent reminders of the urgency to rise beyond the borders of his city. His local success once seemed impossible, but his resilience has seen him break out of Tampa's regional bubble and take his place as a rising star in the hip-hop world.

‘Taleban Vs. Dooda' represents the culmination of Dooda's journey and the beginning of a new chapter. The weaves his distinctive Floridian style, irresistibly catchy melodies, and heartfelt lyrics into a compelling narrative showcasing his musical prowess and his lived experiences.

The 's unique title reflects Dooda's dual persona: Taleban, his street moniker, and Dooda, his musical identity. It's a sonic exploration of the struggles and triumphs he's encountered in his journey from East Tampa's streets to the music scene's forefront.

Each track in ‘Taleban Vs. Dooda' is a testament to Dooda's relentless consistency and refusal to slow down. From his September 2020 release ‘Dis Dooda‘ to his TM88 and -produced ‘Finish Him‘, Dooda's commitment to his craft is apparent.

In conclusion, ‘Taleban Vs. Dooda marks a significant milestone in 's budding career. It's a compelling testament to his musical talent, storytelling ability, and resolve to rise above his past challenges. With the whole of Florida behind him, Dooda is not only redefining southern hip-hop but also inspiring others with his tale of resilience and determination.