Sofía Reyes – MILAMORES (Full Album)


Sofía Reyes‘ “MILAMORES” Album Download Leak MP3 ZIP Files

Sofía Reyes‘ “MILAMORES” Album Download Free MP3 ZIP Files

Sofia Reyes has released her new , Milamores, which is a testament to her resilience and self-love. The Mexican pop star blends Latin pop with elements of bolero, cumbia, reggae, hyperpop, and reggaeton.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, she reveals that the is a continuation of her previous , Mal De Amores, but from a more beautiful place. Reyes collaborated with several Mexican artists on the , including Mariah Angeliq, , Gera MX, and more.

Reyes first previewed Milamores with the celestial “Luna” last November, followed by the hyperpop banger “TQUM” with Danna Paola, which later attracted to jump on the remix. She continued to release more feel-good tracks like the bachata-infused “Cobarde” featuring Colombian artist . Reyes says that she not only found healing through writing these songs but also in the way they were recorded.

Reyes broke down six songs from her new and shared how the introspective project came together. The first song, “La Batidora,” is a party and welcomes the . El Gran Silencio are legends, and it was an honor for Reyes to work with them. The song was a challenge for her, but she is grateful for all the features on the album because they loved the songs and put their hearts into the project.


  1. Florecer (Intro)
  2. La Batidora
  4. Delirio
  5. Cobarde by &
  6. Sabor A Ti
  7. Altitud by Sofia Reyes & Ingratax
  8. MILAMORES by & Gera MX
  9. Gaia
  10. Luna
  11. Yo tuya, tú mio
  12. ​tqum by & Danna Paola
  13. Noche de Sirenas by Sofía Reyes & Mariah Angeliq
  14. Rosas


The Mexican singer and songwriter considers her song “Milamores” to be very special. She believes that it carries the essence of her album, and every time people listen to it, they make it their favorite. The song is about the flowers that blossom after heartbreak, and working with Gera has been a beautiful experience for her. She admires him as a team player, artist, and person and believes that he killed it!

“Cobarde” is a bachata song that Sofía loves. She adores bachata and was thrilled at how Beéle performed in the song. Sofía also considers Beéle to be a beautiful person, and when they met, it felt like they had known each other for a long time. “Cobarde” was a challenge for Sofía, and it took her months to finish writing it. However, once Beéle came into the picture, everything made sense.

Sofía loves the song “Altitud.” She considers it to be a grower, meaning that the more you listen to it, the more you fall in love with it. While working on “Cobarde,” the producer Thom Bridges played a beat, and Sofía immediately loved it. That was the birth of “Altitud,” which took only two hours to write. Ingratax also contributed to the song, and it was ready in June of last year.

Sofía is a huge fan of Caloncho, and “Yo Tuya, Tú Mío” was the first song they wrote for Milamores. She was in Hawaii when they wrote it, and the place's feminine energy and nature-inspired them. Caloncho added his vocals to the song without making any changes because he believed the song was already perfect. Sofía hopes that they will perform the song together multiple times.

“Noche de Sirenas” is Sofía's reggaeton song on the album. The outro of the song is powerful and inspired by the show The White Lotus. Sofía loved the show and incorporated the inspiration into her song. Mariah loves the song and is excited about it.

Sofía has over 10 million monthly listeners on Spotify and more than 4 million followers on her social media platforms, making her a popular artist globally.