Slow Pulp – Yard (Album)


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In their sophomore , Emily Massey, the band's lead singer, explores new musical territories beyond her usual comfort zone.

Slow Pulp, a Chicago-based band hailing from Wisconsin and previously featured as a “Band To Watch”, recently released their new single titled “Cramps” a few months ago, just as they were preparing to head out on separate tours with Death Cab For Cutie and Pixies.

This was just a taste of their new called “Yard”, which they announced today and is set to release at the end of September. The lead single, “Slugs”, is an earworm with a soft and fuzzy sound.

's second studio , Yard, revolves around the themes of isolation and trust. The has a melancholic feel to it, as , the lead singer, explores the struggles of learning to be alone. The opening track, “Gone 2,” sets the tone for the , with Massey questioning whether someone will want her tomorrow or if she is already forgotten.

Due to Covid restrictions, the vocals for Yard were recorded in Massey's father's home studio, just like their previous album, Moveys. This has given Massey's vocals a warm and intimate quality, albeit tinged with sadness. On the track “Mud,” she laments missing yet another full moon this year.

Yard features a mix of mellow acoustic ballads and fuzzy pop-punk anthems, similar to their previous album. However, the saturated, driving hooks in this album give the songs more depth and nuance. “Carina Phone 1000” has a serene strumming and a folky twang, while “Broadview” fully embraces this style with weepy pedal steel, droning harmonica notes, and lively banjo.

The album's more upbeat tracks are filled with radiant guitar melodies and thrilling drum fills. “Cramps” offers a bristling, saturated guitar refrain, while “Slugs” takes the distortions to the next level with more reverb and vocal fuzz. Even in these moments, Massey's lyrics never fail to cut deep, as she asks on “Doubt” whether she is not enough or too much.

The first half of Yard exposes Massey's emotional vulnerabilities, while the second half finds her seeking comfort in self-acceptance. “Fishes,” the gentle closing track, is a song about finding contentment in solitude. The album is a search for love and trust in others, but in the end, Massey finds it in herself.

In the words of the band's , “Slugs” is a song about falling in love during summer.

Slow Pulp is an indie rock band based in Chicago, originally from Madison, Wisconsin.


  1. Gone 2
  2. Doubt
  3. Cramps
  4. Slugs
  5. Yard
  6. Carina Phone 1000
  7. Worm
  8. MUD
  9. Broadview
  10. Fishes