Reneé Rapp – Snow Angel (Album)


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's highly-anticipated showcases an impressive evolution in her musical journey. Drawing from her eclectic influences, she delivers a collection of tracks that strike the delicate balance between vulnerability and strength. With her powerful vocals leading the way, each song on the reveals a layer of her artistry, showcasing a deeper understanding of her own emotions.

Blending elements of pop, rock, and soul, “” defies genre classification. Rapp's introspective lyrics explore themes of heartbreak and empowerment, inviting listeners to connect with her personal experiences. The production is meticulously crafted, heightening the emotional resonance of each composition.

Through this , establishes herself not only as a captivating vocalist, but also as a skilled songwriter. “Reneé Rapp” represents a pivotal moment in her career, a testament to her artistic growth and her ability to tell compelling stories through music that resonate with audiences.Reneé Mary Jane Rapp, an accomplished American actress and singer, has clinched several notable achievements in her career. In 2018, she emerged as the winner of the coveted Jimmy Award for Best Performance by an Actress. Following this, she landed the role of Regina George in the popular Broadway musical, Mean Girls. Recently, Reneé has also made waves with her portrayal of Leighton in the highly acclaimed HBO Max comedy series, The Sex Lives of College Girls.


Talk Too Much
“I Hate Boston”
“Poison Poison”
“Gemini Moon”
Snow Angel
“So What Now”
“The Wedding Song”
“Pretty Girls”
“Tummy Hurts”
“I Wish”