MoneyBagg Yo – Hard 2 Love (Album)


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Meet , the next big mogul in the South. His face graces the packaging of four exciting flavors of Rap Snacks, and he has even launched his line of VIOR water. On top of that, he runs his record label, Bread Gang Entertainment. At 31 years old, this Memphis-born rapper, whose latest mixtape, “Hard to Love,” just dropped today, reminisces about the early days he released his first mixtape, “From Da Block 2 Da Booth,” back in 2012.

Back then, MoneyBagg (real name: DeMario DeWayne White Jr.) and his team had to hustle hard. They would write on his CDs, distribute them personally, and create posters and merchandise to establish a solid foundation. Inspired by Juvenile and Three 6 Mafia, MoneyBagg aspires to become a successful entrepreneur, drawing from the golden era of '90s hip-hop.

Following his previous full-length project, “A Gangster's Pain,” MoneyBagg took time to reflect and heal from the loss of his friend and Bread Gang Entertainment signee, Nuski. The result is his cathartic new mixtape, “Hard to Love.” With this project, MoneyBagg invites his fans into his world, sharing the emotional journey he has been on over the past two years.

“This project, ‘Hard to Love,' is more vulnerable,” MoneyBagg explains. “I'm opening up to my fans, showing them what I've been through recently.”

“It's a Heartless edition, part of my mixtape series,” he continues. “I'm aware that I can be difficult to love. I struggle with trust issues and have faced many ups and downs. But at the same time, it's challenging to love others when they approach with ulterior motives.”

As a symbol of his complex persona, MoneyBagg has the word “Heartless” tattooed on his upper forehead, while an image of a broken heart adorns the arc under his left eye. It represents both a word of caution and a sense of detached resilience. His deep, raspy voice flows over love songs and resonates with the thumping 808s and '90s sample flips, such as OutKast's “Jazzy Belle.”

After a gap of over four years, “Hard to Love” marks MoneyBagg's triumphant return to his “Heartless” project. He deliberately labeled it as such because the music on this mixtape remains true to his roots. It's still trap-infused, maintaining that big and phat sound his fans fell in love with initially.