Logic – Inglorious Basterd (Album)


Logic Inglorious Basterd Album Download MP3 ZIP Files

Logic‘s “Inglorious Basterd” Mixtape Download MP3 ZIP Files

has released a free mixtape called ‘Inglorious Basterd', featuring 20 songs for his fans.

The rapper had been hinting at the release of his new music for a while. He even shared a couple of freestyles in the last few weeks.

Finally, today he has dropped the full tape featuring a total of 20 songs. Some of them are freestyles over popular hip hop instrumentals while others are original songs in demo or rough format.

Robert Bryson Hall II, better known as Logic, is a Grammy-nominated American rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer with eight studio albums.

, comments that this is his first free mixtape in 10 years. The full project is available to stream via Bandcamp below.


  1. Still Pushin 08.07.2023 v5
  2. Free Music (Unmastered)
  3. started (2019 demo)
  4. I Choose You
  5. POWER 08.07.2023 v3
  6. rendezvous
  7. Mystery Door 105.7 (SKIT)
  8. Smooth Operator_Ref 06.06.19
  9. Dark Place (demo)
  10. Starfield
  11. Glamorous_Ref 06.25.19 v2
  12. WillIt_Ref 11.01.18
  13. 03_Raiders of the Lost Art ('s Mix)
  14. a message from my younger self (06.16.2011)
  15. Tired In Malibu 02.01.2021 REF
  16. Super High Freestyle 08.07.2023 2
  17. Feelin' My Self_Ref 06.08.19
  18. 2am on Tour (2018)
  19. Get High V3 (02.28.2015)
  20. Griptape feat. John Lindahl 05:01


Inglorious Basterd by Logic_Inglorious_Basterd