JPEGMafia & Danny Brown – Scaring The Hoes DLC Pack (EP)


JPEGMafia & Danny Brown Scaring The Hoes DLC Pack EP/Album Download Leak MP3 ZIP Files

JPEGMafia & Danny Brown Scaring The Hoes DLC Pack EP/Album Download Leak MP3 ZIP Files

A dynamic musical duo has recently released four new tracks that showcase their unmatched chemistry. The Scaring The H*es: DLC Pack is an expansion of their incredible collaborative from 2023, and it's just as raw and impressive as the original. Peggy is back in production, and his instrumentals are a wonder of unique sampling, gritty drum patterns, and dynamic motion. These beats provide a wild but addictive bed for both MCs to dominate, with hilarious references, wordplay, and some sharp lyricism. If you want to explore hip-hop's fringes, this is a great starting point.

The first track on the is titled “Guess What B***h, We Back H*e!” and features a classic flow and formula from the duo. The route includes woozy synths and hard-hitting drums. Following this, “HERMANOS” takes a more laidback approach, with a breezy guitar sample reminiscent of and verses and a wild outro. “Tell Me Where To Go” is a chilled-out track with a significant Al Green sample, calm delivery, and a solid boom-bap rhythm. Finally, the last song brings back the gospel chops with distorted drums and Danny's hilarious yet sharp acapella outro.

In recent news about rappers, a well-established artist seems to have a busy year ahead. He announced that he plans to release two more albums this year, and although it's unclear if the EP he recently released counts towards that goal, there are rumors of a collaboration tape with . Additionally, the innovative artist known as unkowhatimsayin¿ recently spoke about overcoming writer's block while working with . Although the creative process can be complex, it will likely result in even more exceptional work from all involved artists in the . If you're interested in checking out the new EP, you can find it on YouTube, and the tracklist is available below.

, whose real name is Barrington DeVaughn Hendricks, is an American rapper, singer, and record producer. He was born in New York City and resides in Baltimore, Maryland. His “Veteran,” released in 2018 through Deathbomb Arc, received extensive critical acclaim and was included on numerous year-end lists. , born Daniel Dewan Sewell, is an accomplished American rapper, singer, and songwriter who MTV has praised for his unparalleled talent. He has released multiple mixtapes, and his debut studio , The Hybrid, has been highly acclaimed.


1. Guess What B***h, We Back H*e!
3. Tell Me Where To Go
4. No! (x32)