Asian Glow – Unwired Detour (Album)


Asian Glow, Unwired Detour Album Download Leak MP3 ZIP Files

Asian Glow, Unwired Detour Album Download Free MP3 ZIP Files

Gyungwon Shin, also known as , had planned to release his fourth , Unwired Detour, on November 10, 2023.

However, due to a multitude of emotional and physical hurdles encountered during its creation, the has been indefinitely shelved. The artist has announced that he is unable to release the at this time.

Ambient artist Cash contributed to the sound design and engineering processes for the , which reflects various moments of joy and despair experienced by Shin. Following a significant car accident, Shin encountered new physical and mental challenges.

He made a decision to prioritize his health over his professional commitment and personal well-being. As a result, he indefinitely postponed the release of Unwired Detour.

Shin's decision to halt the 's release was not solely due to the accident that he had but was also influenced by his ongoing mental health challenges. These challenges were particularly related to his identity and role as an artist, .


  1. Down in the sink
  2. Ashes
  3. Yr Pane
  4. Night Shines Words of U
  5. Kuroitamago #2
  6. Faucet
  7. Unwired Detour
  8. Tunnel of Glass


Asian Glow is the solo project of Gyungwon Shin from Seoul. He also releases music under other names and is a member of FOG.